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 Your Voice Theater

Your Voice Theater
Learn by speaking


16 West Blackwell Street
3rd Floor, Dover, NJ

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In September 2016, I’ll begin an English conversation theater in Dover on Blackwell Street.  I want my students to be stress free when they speak.  This performance by students for students will give the confidence that is needed to speak Everyday Spoken English.

There will be a membership fee and access to other services such as:

  • REIKI  (Currently being taught at CCM)  – THERAPIES by Roxana Y. Salas
  • One Fit Camp by Saul Acosta
  • Aikido non-Violent Martial Arts

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Hope to see you participating in September at the English Wellness Theater in Dover.  You will not only improve your conversation through active participation but also have access to programs for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you are interested in any of the services, let me know or provide feedback on this Blog.
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Mr. Gordon

Become a member of the wellness center club with a monthly fee and enjoy the benefits of being in the company of English speakers and an environment that promotes wellness.  This new center will have a combination of healthy products and services for you and the family.  Our conversation room will have a stage where students can remove the fear of speaking English.  You will also be recorded so that teachers can give you feedback on your errors.

This center is one of a kind and we hope you will take advantage of all the services.  We are building this center just for you the English speaker.

Speak your thoughts without fear and stress
Speak your thoughts without fear and stress

Focus on conversation / Concéntrese en la conversación