ESL Reform

Everyday Spoken English

The goal of this reform (change) is to provide a clear path where all students understand that grammar is not sufficient to learn how to understand and speak American English.

You will be given a road map and instructions on what you need to do to reach your destination.  This road map is filled with strategies to learn and also a new Everyday Spoken English APP that will allow you to record your voice, participate in video sessions, contact a teacher consultant for language emergencies and self-taught directions for many other areas.

Mr. Gordon has taught ESL for more than 15 years, he created this road-map to English APP with the intent of taking all his experience with students providing a clear path to what is needed.  Here are a few of his reform ideas:


  1. Learn Your Vocabulary through context (Classroom Instructions)
  2. Do not depend on your first language to understand your second language
  3. Use your new vocabulary with something meaningful in your life (Writing Exercise)
  4. Use the “road-map to English APP” to enter your new words to generate a story (APP available in October)
  5. Use the “Everyday Spoken English” book to make (#3) more colorful (American English Expressions)
  6. REPEAT steps 1 – 5 until you can give a presentation using your new vocabulary.





Hope to see you on the APP in October 2015 or in class soon!

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Everyday Spoken English Curriculum

The Everyday Spoken English program is based on the following:

  • Seminars that will help the L2 student.
  • Consultations with students throughout the program.
  • Personalized Learning Plan for each student.
  • Conversation in class that covers grammar, pragmatics, semantics and everyday conversation.
  • Inter-Cultural communication seminars along with Do’s and Dont’s.

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Todos los estudiantes tienen su plan de lección personalizada.

Everyday Spoken InTen English

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Thematic Conversation with Everyday Spoken English

You will read while listening to our podcast. The Everyday Spoken English / Intensive Training approach teaches in CONTEXT. Our OSI-ESL methodology uses ICT to augment the learning process.