Everyday Spoken English

Everyday Spoken English

IdiomsDo you need to understand native speakers of English?

This book along with an APP that allows you to access information 24hrs a day will help.  We currently offer a conversation class that focuses on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

You will learn grammar and then learn how to understand native speakers non-grammatical utterances.  The application for iPhone or Android will assist with conversation and will increase your understanding of Pedagogy, Practicum, Second Language Acquisition secrets as well as Assessments.

Microsoft Office Specialist

Looking for a job?  Well, we can help.  English unfortunately is not enough!  There is good news however, we can train you while you improve on your English skills.  Classes to become a Microsoft Office Specialist are bilingual with focus on English of course.

Curriculum with Technology

A Better Way

A new Methodology

The OSI-ESL Methodology which includes MCE standards will give students an opportunity to better understand how to learn a new language.